June 03, 2010 at 08:55 PM | categories: archlinux, tools | View Comments

With the deprecation of HAL proceeding at full speed it's time to find a new solution for automounting disks on my Linux box. I've been happily using halevt, which does a lot more than disk mounting, but won't be of much use once HAL really goes away. udisks is the replacement that the major desktops are moving to, so I decided to write a simple automounting daemon for those of us not using a major desktop: udiskie. It's a simple udisks client that just takes care of mounting removable media right now. I run it by adding udiskie & to ~/.xinitrc. When I'm done using a removable disk, udiskie-umount will take care of the unmount. I probably can't stress enough how simplistic and undocumented this approach is, but it works for me.

And, of course, for the Archlinux users, it's already packaged in the AUR: udiskie

pm-utils and Locked Screens

April 06, 2010 at 05:54 AM | categories: tips, archlinux | View Comments

pm-utils seems to be the clear winner to userspace suspend and hibernate setup. It's a great back, but, for those of us who don't run a desktop environment with a power manager, there's one thing missing: screen locking. I'd like the screen to be locked when my computer resumes from either suspend or hibernate, and I don't want to run gnome-power-manager to get that functionality. So, 00lock-screen to the rescue. Just drop that file in /etc/pm/sleep.d and, as long as you have xscreensaver, gnome-screensaver, i3lock, or xlock setup, the screen will lock as your computer suspends or hibernates.

For the Archlinux users, it's already packaged in the AUR: pm-utils-screen-lock